Activating The Future

Urban Dreams
Urban Dreams - A combination of architectural styles, forms, materials and light provide ever changing views.
Rules & Rectangles - The repetition of rectangular motifs is emphasised and exploited in these compositions.
Symmetry - Windows and geometric shapes create repeat patterns and hint at lives within.
Drawing, Painting & Printmaking


The architecture of the city is being transformed through the rapid rise of new developments and architectural projects.

In this project, my artwork engages with this new urban landscape.  I focus on the geometric shapes of buildings and the repetitive forms of windows, balconies and claddings which form the gleaming towers.  Myriad rectangles face out into the world and confront our vision in bright, new hi-tech styles.

My response is playful but the complexity of the city and its spatial edifices requires strategies to simplify the available visual information.  The use of abstraction, design and colour in my compositions works to produce personal and evocative representations.

Drawing, painting and printmaking extend the process further.

Please email for further information and prices. Sizes shown are a guide and other sizes can be printed.